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Whole30 Day 5- Why am I SO thirsty??

Day 4 was a little strange. On top of the hangover-like carb flu, I was so freaking thirsty all day!! I do lot remember this from my last Whole30. I remember being hungry, like STARVING! Not thirsty.
Doing a little google research, it seems like it is a normal symptom of detox usually experienced during the first week, but it could last much longer depending on how much you need to flush out. It appears to be related to the kidneys and liver working overtime detoxing. I am glad to know that my body is working to clean itself out, but the vicious cycle of guzzling water and then peeing out is tiresome. Especially at 2am… Small price to pay for a healthy body I guess.
I still have a slight touch of carb flu today, but it is not as bad as yesterday. Paddy made an amazing mushroom, bacon, onion and avocado omelette. We are both people who grew up hating mushrooms, so the fact he bought them and then we both voluntarily ate them is a big deal. They were amazing! Baby bellas are a new favorite.

Whole30 Day 4- Holy Carb Flu


So, days 1-3 were pretty uneventful. I felt the same, minus a few stomach issues. I ate well, energy was still pretty low but nothing major. Read more

Whole 30 (Take 2)- Day 1


Paddy and I did our first Whole30 in January 2012 and it completely changed our lives. We have tried to eat pretty close to paleo on a regular basis, but we have not done another full blown Whole30 since then.   Read more

Awesome Paleo Dutch Pancake Recipe

All right, this is one of my favorites and one that all ages will like. This recipe I like to do on a weekend morning. It’s easy and makes the house smell like home cooking. This is a good one kids can also help make. Men, you can be a hero by making eggs magically turn into a pancake.  Read more

Paleo Body- Part 1 “I haven’t washed my hair since 2012”

Bye bye products!

Bye bye products!

Last year I made the New Year’s resolution to eat better and lose weight (I know, so original).  Well, we went Paleo on the first of the year and actually stayed true to the resolution. We transformed our bodies and our lives and haven’t looked back. This year, I chose to remove toxins from my bathroom. I decided to experiment with alternative beauty products and slowly phase out the majority of the stuff with toxins and nasty junk. I want to eliminate all sodium laureth sulfates and parabens and anything else that is not contributing to my health. Read more

Paleo…so easy a caveman can do it

11 Tips we give our friends when they are thinking about going paleo.


I know there is nothing more boring and annoying than someone talking about their diet all the time.  I try really really hard to not bring it up unless asked.  I said I try.  I am not always successful.

Eventually some people find out that Paddy and I eat a certain way, avoid certain foods and have had a certain success in getting healthy and super sexy and they start asking question.  We try not to push our beliefs on anyone, because that is obnoxious.  But, when someone reaches out to us and asks for our help with their diet, I see that as GAME ON!  I give them all of the tools that they need to change their diet and answer any questions they have as they complete their first Whole30 or begin to clean up their diet.   I could seriously talk about it all day and love helping people get started.  Read more

Obsessed Saturday- Sleep. Not Getting Sleep is So Not Paleo

Yep...Pretty much Stolen from here:

Yep…Pretty much
Stolen from here:

There are so many other things I would like to say that I was excited about this week, but I am out to sea and all I can really think about is sleep. Read more

Pork Steak

Since the head chef is gone for a few weeks looks like the Sous Chef gets to bust out some heavy garlic and pepper to shine with some divine cuisine. Ok men, here is another one I give people when they say they don’t have a lot of time. You can cook 3 things at once with this recipe and its easy. Pork Steak, Broccoli and Squash.

This one is a butterfly pork steak topped with spicy mustard, yes mustard and garlic with veggies on the side. First thing to do is pre-heat the oven to 375 before you prep the food and heat up a skillet. The pork will take the longest so you need to start it first.

the start Read more

Obsessed Saturday- Bulletproof Coffee

French press, MCT oil, Kerry Gold butter and Upgraded coffee beans

French press, MCT oil, Kerry Gold butter and Upgraded coffee beans

I am the kind of person who gets incredibly bored really, really easily.  I am always wanting to try new things, learn new ways to do things and explore the world.  Some might call it ADD, I just call it awesome.  The plus side is- I learn about a lot of new stuff, downside…I sometimes drive Paddy nuts.  I am going to share my obsessions, whether it be a new food, cool product or anything in the world, in a weekly post called Obsessed Saturday. Here is what I am obsessed with this week- Bulletproof Coffee.

Read more

Websites and blogs that will save your life

Paleo Websites

I don’t think the paleo movement would have been possible without the internet and blogs.  Paleo people LOVE to talk about their food, post pictures of their food and share every detail of their diet.  I get 99% of my information and recipe inspiration from these people, so thank you! Read more


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