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Websites and blogs that will save your life

Paleo Websites

I don’t think the paleo movement would have been possible without the internet and blogs.  Paleo people LOVE to talk about their food, post pictures of their food and share every detail of their diet.  I get 99% of my information and recipe inspiration from these people, so thank you!

Everyone wants to share what they have learned and experienced and I find that it is the best way to get honest opinions and insight.   One of the most important aspects of going paleo is the education you get about the food you eat. You MUST do the research and find out the truth behind the food you eat and the industry that produces it. Make decisions based on how your food is treated and get educated! It will change your life.
Ok, this one might seem obvious, but I google everything. In the beginning it was a lot of  “is [insert food item] paleo” “is there gluten in [anything I was about to eat]”.  Now I look up recipes using “paleo [any ingredient] recipes” and how different foods affect my body like “correcting vitamin D deficiency and paleo”, “is there MSG in [whatever]” or “nutritional value of chicken liver”. When in doubt, google it.  Someone has asked and someone has answered.
Great website with hundreds of well-researched and informative articles, forums, recipes and guidance on how to live a Primal life. This is the first website I ever read when I started my trip into the Paleo world. and
This is where the rubber met the road for me. Their simple, clear and defined rules for eating right were mind blowing and life changing. This may sound like an exaggeration and I would have rolled my eyes at such a statement before. But that was before. Give them 30 days and they will change your life.

The Hartwigs from Whole9 also wrote a book. I share my copy with anyone who asks about my diet. As easy to follow as their website, it helps the uneducated person following the Standard American Diet understand why the changes the Whole30 makes are so important.

A funny and honest blog with some AMAZING recipes! I found this one right as Melissa released her first book, Well Fed. I bought it immediately and now use it religiously.  The mayo and sunshine sauce are out of this world.   Everything I have made from it is amazing. I also send copies of it to my friends when they decide to do their first Whole30.
Not a paleo site, but she has great recipes and methods to remove toxins from your life beyond your diet.  I learned about No-Poo on her site and I am slowly replacing cleaning products with homemade versions.

Whenever I need some well-sourced meat, I order it from Wellness Meats. I also get my cat food from here.
I got VERY tired of buying those little jars of coconut oil from the grocery store. I got a little sticker shock when I first looked at their gallon tubs of oil, but I bit the bullet and bought one. I have already finished that one and bought another. They go on sale on Amazon which helps. It also makes a great gift for your paleo friends.
PaleoKits save my life on the ship. They are great to have when you are traveling and need a healthy snack. Love them!
Great recipes. I really like their cookbook Make it Paleo and I cannot wait for their next one, Gather, about paleo entertaining.

Ok, not a paleo site, but there are so many great recipes and resources pinned. You can follow all of your favorite paleo bloggers and get tons of good info. Same goes for Instagram and Facebook.

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