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Paleo Body- Part 1 “I haven’t washed my hair since 2012”

Bye bye products!

Bye bye products!

Last year I made the New Year’s resolution to eat better and lose weight (I know, so original).  Well, we went Paleo on the first of the year and actually stayed true to the resolution. We transformed our bodies and our lives and haven’t looked back. This year, I chose to remove toxins from my bathroom. I decided to experiment with alternative beauty products and slowly phase out the majority of the stuff with toxins and nasty junk. I want to eliminate all sodium laureth sulfates and parabens and anything else that is not contributing to my health.

Like a lot of women, I am/was a product hoarder. I bought into the claims that this product or that will make me prettier, make my life better, make me look younger forever….blah blah blah.  I had 4 or 5 different varieties of shampoo and conditioner in my shower and don’t even ask to look under my sink!  I realized that the same people who told me whole wheat and Subway sandwiches are healthy are the same people telling me to use these products. I am not going to take their inputs anymore. They aren’t interested in keeping me healthy. So, out they go! (Full disclosure…I kept all of my shampoos and conditioners in my shower for about three months after starting no-poo. Paddy finally had to push me to throw them out. I did the same thing with sugar and flour after going paleo. It is a freeing moment when you finally toss them all in the garbage!)

I started in January with eliminating shampoo and conditioner. I stumbled on a method called No-poo (thank you Pinterest!) on the great website Crunchy Betty. It uses baking soda and apple cider vinegar to clean your hair. I thought it would be a failed experiment. How can baking soda clean your hair? And won’t my head smell like vinegar all day? But hey, it can’t hurt to try!

All you need to No-poo!

All you need to No-poo!

It is a rough transition. I can imagine that it is harder if you use a lot of product or have damaged hair. I have relatively healthy hair and don’t use any products the majority of the time. I usually just put it up wet into a bun before work and rarely blow it dry.  If you try it, be aware that you may have a few bad hair days while you figure out the balance that is right for you. I suggest you plan on a few up-dos or cute hats.

I realized that there is no one way to no-poo. I had to adjust the proportions until I got it right, but now I have a pretty good routine going on. I wash my hair once or twice a week, usually on Sunday and Thursday or Friday.  I only use baking soda. I mix about 1/2 cup of it with warm water in the shower and wash my whole head with it.  I skip the apple cider vinegar because it was making it greasier faster. If my hair starts to get dry I will do a rinse with some diluted vinegar, but so far it is has been fine.  I add a few drops of essential oil to the baking soda before I mix it with water to give my hair a nice scent. The other days I just rinse my hair with clean water and style as normal. Some weeks it needs washing more often, I just play it by ear. It does not get greasy as fast as it used to when I used shampoo and my morning routine is SO much faster!

I have made other tweeks and swaps to my bathroom to make it more paleo and I will post those in the near future. If you decide to try this, buy yourself the big 4lb box of baking soda and a jug of apple cider vinegar. It hardly costs anything!

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  1. Jan #

    Wow, apple cider and baking soda for your hair! I’m good with my Paleo for my insides but my hair is another catagory. I’m glad it works for you but I think I’ll stick to my shampoo and conditioner from the ever too expensive Cortello.
    the hair police

    May 9, 2013

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