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Whole 30 (Take 2)- Day 1


Paddy and I did our first Whole30 in January 2012 and it completely changed our lives. We have tried to eat pretty close to paleo on a regular basis, but we have not done another full blown Whole30 since then.  We do the occasional Whole7 or Whole14 to recover from the holidays or a bad weekend, but we have gotten into a bad routine of eating very healthy during the week and then ruining it all on the weekends. We have been eating out a lot and drinking beer and wine on the weekends. We are pretty sick of having to undo the damage during the week.

We have been feeling really run down lately and last night I mentioned I would like to do another Whole30 in about 2 weeks. I expected Paddy to push back, saying it was too time consuming. To my surprise, my awesome husband instead said, without hesitation, “Let’s start tomorrow.”  This is why I love him.  It was like he had been waiting for me to figure out we needed to do it and I finally got a clue.

So, since we did not plan ahead and do any meal prep, we ran out after work tonight and bought a bunch of groceries. I prepped a roasted chicken and some veggies to make some chicken stock tomorrow, which I will use to make three different types of soup. I am mainly going to use those for breakfast. I am also going to get the crock pot going tomorrow and most likely it will stay full through the weekend. The key to a successful Whole30 is TONS of meal prep and lots of quick and healthy options for those moments when you are starving and desperate for some food. I try to take advantage of those moments of high energy, knowing the “Kill all the things” and “I just want a nap” moments are looming.


I am interested to see how this time around will be different. Last time, we were new to paleo and felt Every. Single. One. of the standard side effects. The carb flu lasted a week, the tiger blood was AMAZING and I loved waking up rested and falling asleep with ease. I miss that. I want it back.

Luckily I know how to get it back!!

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  1. Jean #

    we are just off our Whole 30. I have to admit I did eat M&Ms today and ice cream yesterday, small amounts of weekend cheating. The rest was all good and I’m not looking back, though. I rather like not needing an alarm clock, having great skin and a quiet stomach. Not to mention that I am NOT putting back on the weight. Just gotta keep up with the meal planning. Anything wheat seems to be the killer change for me, so definitely not cheating that; sugar is my downfall, so some cheats but have broken the mindless habit of it. Thanks for getting us motivated to Whole 30!

    June 9, 2013
    • Jean! I am glad you made it through! There is no way to look at food the same after a Whole30!

      June 9, 2013

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